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We Sold Our YardSale Stuff in 4 hours & Profited!

No matter what kind of parent you are, summer can feel like an anxiety attack. The budget feels tighter and the clutter is killing you more now that the kids are home from school.

I personally try to *keep up on seperating my kids clothes all year since they are still too small to help with that. (That’s kinda my first tip to make a super quick and short yard/garage sale a success.)

I read sooo many pins and blog posts about what to do to earn the most profit. I was reading all the ways to bring high traffic to your sale. Many suggested 2 weeks prep time! Not this mom! 

Like I mentioned, I keep up on putting away unused or out grown clothes every couple months ( also appliances ect.). Anything you know a donation center would toss, just toss it yourself because it won’t sell and people won’t even take it for free. Saves you more time when you decide to have a sale. 

*My sale worthy items are placed in garbage bags (or diaper boxes in my case) and put in a designated “future garage sale” area of my garage. 

The day before the sale: *I joined some Facebook groups for local garage sales…you know…since I’m already on my facebook anyway. *Then I went to 4 different yardsale sites that allowed me to make free listings (add a photo of: some appealing items or your handmade signs for the sale). Aaaand *Then I shared my listing on all my FB groups I joined. Easy!

I also went down the street and *bought 4 white poster boards @ .50 cents each, from dollar store. Cut them in half…bam!, you have your “6 to 8” signs every blog suggests to have for a successful sale. I also bought some flare for my signs and it cost…1.00. Making the signs with your kids or giving them the task is a fun time saver!

Sad story time…I had read that, “free lemonade will bring a crowd”… Nope nope nope…people thought I was weird. Spent 9$ for supplies…and it was a bust! Not Recommended!!

Happy story time…the “free toys” box was a hit!!! Statistically people hate stuffed animals for sale…but people love when sellers give toys away to kids. (My free pile actually started to grow, because I started to change my mind about certain items during the sale)

So remember when you Advertise, “Free items” or “every kid gets a free toy” …is cooler than “free lemonade” (customers would have preferred if I had just provided ice water). So don’t stress about making stuff for the yard sale goers and do the easy thing for you. 

1 hour into prep: Store trip, signs made , advertising is done…So *Then I sorted my clothes (the ones from the garbage bags). Very easy for kids to help with this task! All I did was sort the kids clothes and my clothes into empty diaper boxes. One for kids for womens pants..ect. I laid down a blanket on the side of my house (you can do this in your garage) and put all my marked sorted boxes on it. Because then I can pull everything out to the drive way in one easy step the next day. This will get you laying out the clothes in a flash. (fyi people love organzied clothes and hate messy clothes sections) 

So after I preped my clothes blanket. The garage and side of the house are all prepared for the early morning set up…prep took me a total of 5 hours…would have been quicker had it not been for wasting time on the lemonade!!!

Pricing: I read a nifty idea and tried it at my sale. Price t-shirts and small clothing items .25 cents. Then go up to 1.00 for shoes, dresses, and pants. Everything else stays in between…do not go over 1.00 for clothes! matter what. People who werent even interested in buying clothes picked some up. 

The day of the sale: set up took me a bit longer because I did it as a one woman show. *Always plan for at least a 2 person crew. Someone starts the lay out and the other drives and does signs. 

Within the first hour, I made back the 12$ unnecessary supply expense and some extra. I greeted and negotiated and kept things organized. I made 111$ in a only a few hours of sitting outside of my house. (I didn’t have many big ticket items – mostly clothes!) Most people hold their sales over a two day period and spend countless hours sitting outside….I’m not that kind of person. I like quick and easy. For the items I had, 111.00 is an amazing profit. Anything left over is donation (tax right off). Better than taking it to consignment shops that only give you 3$ for boxes of clothes!!
Last sad story: I tried the “end of sale deal”…1 hour before you close your sale , offer people to fill up a bag of stuff for 3$. I loved it when I read it. I found out most people dont know what the heck is going on and get really confused. I had a few people go for it…but were really picky and didnt want to take everything that was left in my yard…I even went down to 1.00 for a full bag of stuff. I think the reason this “end of sale” tactic didn’t work is because people became less impressed with my stuff once I started to practically beg people to take my stuff. Moral of the story….just take stickers off items you want to do away with and quote customers super cheap prices for those items. 

I hope my experience is helpful to you & you are successful with your next yard sale.

May your yardsale be merry & bright!


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