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Busy life? This one is for you.

Being a single parent rarely allows “me time”. I’m okay sacrificing this for my kids. There is no wiggle room in our daily schedule. 

Every parent who follows Christ should know that Christians are teching it up, and creating apps to help us in our daily walk with Christ. 

Every morning I wake up, and want to spend time in prayer and worship. I want to study. I want to learn. I have always defaulted to K-Love to provide this to me on my drives to and from work, the store, drop offs & pick ups. 

It’s great in the car. However, I need to be in that space with the Holy Spirit before I get out of bed. I felt the drag of late nights and early mornings and started to struggle with diving into reading the Bible. Not going to lie, I fell back asleep a few times too many. 

One night while using my handy-dandy Bible App, the Devotional I was reading (How Much Money?) directed me to the Abide App. 


This App. Is all about meditation, prayer, worship, & giving you the Word. It’s FREE. It’s customisable. 

Maybe I have been living under a rock. I’m not tech savvy at all. But, having Abide has awoken a part of my life that has been nodding off for a while now. 

After I hit dismiss on my Alarm Clock (on my phone) , and before my feet hit the floor, I open the notification that my morning meditation is ready. 

Instantly, I go to a place all about Jesus. No more holding out until the car rides to start my day. No more dragging myself through the morning routines. This is seriously some good stuff. A blessing for the parents who need the slowdown,  without the time stress of a true slow morning. 

It’s an all day any day resource for Christians. Be honest, we all struggle with this relationship and giving it the time we need to give to it.

If you are nodding off after that full day and the extra fun of folding clothes until midnight. Check out Abide. I hope you find this helpful!

Signing off to start my evening meditation. 

Enjoy Darling.


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