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Where Parents, who believe, can find helpful teaching tools…for free!

My oldest kid loves YouTube. She can watch other kids open surprise eggs for hours. It’s all good and fun, and I see where some of this ties into child development. But where are her real life benefits from it? 

I’m so worried about how well my kids will develop and their academic future, that I lose sight of the truth; tomorrow is not guaranteed. 

I’d rather my kids grow in Jesus. I wish nothing more for them than to go out into the world and do right by people (everyone people). 

I feel like I barely have time to do this on my own. I needed to find resources to help me, help them. 

I found The Bible Project first on my bible app (it’s a sweet app too). I started watching their YouTube channel. I realized I had so much to learn.

These videos (I suggest for ages 12& up) paired with actually reading the bible, helps clear up what can be a foggy picture of cultural contexts that get us turning our heads sideways.

If we don’t have a better understanding as the believer parent, we are doing ourselves and children a disservice. We are their biggest resource/channel to which they will grow in God. 

Making it fun and letting them watch the illustrations is great if you are short on video watching time and kid time. Just reading the bible can be boring sometimes if we are honest. 

I also need to stop teaching kids God’s word like it’s a fairy tale book. I understand children need some creativity, but they need to understand it is actual history. Now that I’m older, I wish learning from mistakes in history was emphasized greater than a fictional story (Good for things such as manners or don’t talk to strangers).

So if you’re a believer parent in need of help, I suggest The Bible Project. , pair it with a devotional, worship, prayer. You will grow in every way. Your kids will reap the benefits of your growth.

Keep the faith darling.