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Two Separate Homes One Family

This entry is a little weighty. The raw truth of our situation isn’t always something I like to put out into the world full of judgement, criticism, negativity, doubters, and cynics.

We have two separate homes. Two children who go back and forth. No matter how many times we go out and do everyday things together, or special things; the reality is separation.

It’s taken a long time with many relational ups and downs for us to get to a semi-decent co parent situation. We may not be 100% happy with everything in life at the moment, but I don’t know any real people who are.

In retrospect, we both have regrets. I look back and see all the times I should have walked away before we had children, and feel so lucky that I didn’t. We are both humans, struggling with all the emotions that come with a failed “happy family”.

To all the parents separated, single, trying to Coparent, don’t lose hope. I have found some useful Coparenting advice here and there. I hope I can share some good constructive advice in the future.

There are times I felt no support or understanding as if I were alone in the world. Take heart! We aren’t alone, and I can tell you there will be upswings in this Coparenting thing if you choose to brave through the hard times.

Ill share more about how we both have found big success in the little wins of Coparenting.

(In the future I hope to share kid stuff, mom stuff, and possibly DIY stuff.)

Thanks for reading darling.